My house

I hear the sound of Raindrops Echoing in the hallway The tiny drips Barely audible Begin to fill the space Silence poised between Each splash Suspense Waiting for the release Drum beats Increasing in tempo A cadcade of Pure sorrow Against the unbending Wall of glass Pitter patters escalating Into a crescendo A storm raging … Continue reading

Solo in the Silence

Morning mist  Surrounding a Stoic silhouette. Fluffing feathers Against a lasting frost. Waiting, watching, For the warmth to Wash over the world. A sliver of serenity slips Through the tophats of the Tree tops, Slowly eclipsing the stars And cracking the crisp crystal Laying over the land. The light lingers on the leaves Reaching the … Continue reading

Old Me

It still sneaks up When I’m feeling My weakest. Those moments When the old me Shows up. The scared me The protective me The fighter. Survivalist. I want to speak My fears But I dont want to Put pressure on This beautiful thing. So I dig deep and look at the Old me who Shows … Continue reading


I toe the line Preparing to leap High in the sky Then land on my feet The thrill in my blood A pounding heartbeat My eyes fill with sun The new day I greet Joy in my soul No longer asleep My estacy grows And movement repeats Twirling around Free to be me I smile … Continue reading


​Boom boom! Rat-a-tat-tat! The music is flowin’ so loud! The speakers are shakin’, this rhythm is makin’ My head spin ’round and ’round. The song is addictive, the beat is thumpin’, The lyrics easily said. I’m hummin’, I’m tappin’, I’m singin’, I’m rappin’. This song is now stuck in my head! My heart keeps on … Continue reading

Live How You Could

Respect the dark The shadows and night Sometimes its hard To let go of fright. But dont listen to That sinister voice Inside of you That robs you of choice. Instead turn your head To the light and sunshine The darkness will shed And your soul will soar high. Welcome the laughter And smile with … Continue reading


Take me away. Drown my thoughts In a wave of Blue bliss. Cleanse my skin And soothe The ache. Cool the burn, And ease the sting Of loss, Of regret. Lay me down On sheets of white And hold me In the dark, Until morning light. Dry my tears And feel my smile On your … Continue reading

The Mark

I didnt mean it, To walk that path, But if you ask I should have seen it. I dug my toes Into red rust Until covered in dust The shoes I chose. Because I saw His eye so brown, And on his crown Were antlers tall, I strung my bow, And pulled it tight, And … Continue reading


Ties I tie myself down, Loop it around, And hold on tight. I attach it here and there, To her and him… Especially him, And them. To a place, A person, An animal Or more than a few of those. I keep finding new things to Latch onto. Keep rolling on and searching. Because as … Continue reading

Free Me Sun

Smile for me My morning sun Begin the fun And set me free. Carry your grace O’er mountain top In dewy drop Reveal your face. Fight Dark’s haze And warm the ground As gold surrounds Your steamy gaze. Tear it down The Yester Years And all Night’s fears From Winter’s gown. Melt this stone My … Continue reading